Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pink Houndstooth Mod Mini Dress

I completed View 3

Okay, so after one so-so project and one semi-disaster, we finally come to a project that was successful.

Presenting Simplicity 6783 (1966, view 3) ...


1.) FABRIC: This project represents a milestone for me. I FINALLY got up the nerve to buy fabric online instead of at Joann's. I got this cotton-lycra stretch knit on eBay from the seller "fabricattackfabrics." I was really pleased with the fabric. It was lightweight and stretchy, plus the pink and black houndstooth is very mod to me. The pattern reminded me of something Mondo would have done on last season's Project Runaway. I'm still pissed that he lost--ARRRGH!

Before hemming

Why was I reluctant to buy fabric online? The obvious reasons: can't feel the texture; can't feel the weight; etc. Since this dress was made, I've now bought about 15 different fabrics online. I was only disappointed with one fabric that I bought. The odds have become better than Joann's, and you cannot beat the selection. As I wrote previously, I now have a vintage fabric fetish.

2.) STYLE: Like I said, I thought the look was very Mondo. I like the unexpected combo of pink with houndstooth. The houndstooth print size was about an inch, so you could see the detail well. I also love adding chain belts- SO MOD!

3.) NECK HOLE: This was my only construction problem. I naively thought that this fabric was so stretchy that I could make it a pullover. I think I already made this mistake before, so I don't know why I made it again, but the neck hole once again became too stiff when I added the collar. I couldn't get my head through-- it looked like the dress was giving birth to me! So, I ended up leaving the seam open a few inches at the top so that I can fit my head through. I think I'll add a hook and eye to make the closure better, though. Is this an okay alternative to short neckline zippers? Is there any other way I could have dealt with this problem?

Closeup of the pink houndstooth print

I really loved this pattern and plan to make it again in the future using a different fabric. In the future, I'll probably try to make it with a vintage polyester fabric and sew it in a classic a-line shape. This time around, I was using a really stretchy modern fabric, and I felt it was more conducive to a tight/body con look.

Happy sewing!


  1. Very very cool, I'm a dogtooth/ houndstooth fanatic so couldn't agree more with you on how the fabric looks great.

  2. @Popbabe7: Houndstooth is so much fun! : - )
    @Monique: Thanks!

  3. Very cute! It also looks like your house is decorated really nice! I'm impressed with how neat everything always looks in your pictures :)))

  4. About your neckhole...are you serging? A serger produces a much stretchier stitch. The fabric type you used would work much better with a serger.

  5. @Marybeth: Thanks for the compliments on the dress and our decor. My husband is a neat freak so that's the big reason everything is so neat.
    : - )

    @Sunny: I don't use a serger, but I did buy a new sewing machine that has some stitches that are supposed to be similar to that of a serger. Perhaps I will try them and see if I get a stretchier result.

  6. Looks really good! I'd do the same as you with the neckline, with the hook and eye.

  7. cyberdaze: Glad I'm on the right track!

  8. This looks great!! I have some similar patterns (if not the same exact one lol) I should try it!

    I just found your blog, I'm a new follower!