Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Fabric & Astrid: A Love Story

So, the last two posts that I put up today are projects that I did quite a while ago. Since then, I've been much more serious about picking my sewing projects. And, I'm very excited to say that I've developed a major vintage fabric addiction. Using fabrics from the era makes sewing so much more fun! I just love the late 60's and early 70's fabric. Bright colors. Geometric and abstract patterns. Op art and fun prints reminiscent of Peter Max.

I cannot get enough of them! Anyway, I plan to post more non-project entries discussing vintage fabric, patterns, and 60's fashion in general. I recently acquired some reference books, which I hope will be good for visual aids.

Anyway, here's a picture of a double knit I just bought. I have 3.5 yards, and I'm not sure what to do with yet. I'm a tad worried that if I made a dress, the print would be overwhelming on my frame (I'm 5'4"). However, part of me wants to take the risk. I do know that it would make a good skirt for sure. Anyway, any thoughts?

Happy sewing!


  1. Lovely fabric. I can see this as a maxi dress.

  2. Why don't you mix with some plain fabric? On its own it might be a bit too overwhelming, but if you put a black or white panel on the belt/ at the bottom/ at the top it'll probably look less "busy".


  3. Awesome fabric! And 3.5m gives you lots of options - there is too much to just make a skirt. What about a nifty polo neck dress with sleeves, AND a skirt!

  4. @cyberdaze: Cool idea-- especially since I have so much fabric!

    @Popbabe7: I love the idea of breaking it up with a solid color. I have lots of patterns like that, so I'll def. consider that!

    @Sherry: Yep, lots of options with that much fabric. Maybe I'll make both a skirt and dress. I think there's enough!

  5. I think mix it up with some others, it's a fabric you only need a little of. Cool fabric though. x e

  6. @Vintage Fabric Addict: Sounds like a great idea. I do agree that using less would be just as impactful.