Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drop Waisted Mini Skirt Pic from Late 60's Simplicity Counter Catalog

Here's another vintage mini-skirt pic from a late 60's Simplicity counter catalog. I love this particular one, because the low belt creates a drop-waist that is classic 60's. I actually bought a bunch of belts recently and created the drop-waisted look. I love the effect of the belts, and I'll be posting pictures of that with some of my future mini-skirt projects.

Plus, you gotta love that expression.


  1. I like the top! Will you be making that too?

  2. @JLTFK: It's a cool top, but I don't have any fabric to make a top like that. I'll probably look around for some various striped tops at stores to go with my various skirts. I noticed it's difficult, though, to find tops with thin stripes. It seems most of the styles are a wide stripe look, but I find the thin stripe look to be more mod. I plan on making a few solid colored skirts as well.

  3. Sorry for the late reply! For sure the thin stripes are more subtly fashion-forward. Perhaps you could try some online fabric stores? Or a vintage cloth shop for authenticity? :)Let me know if you have any success, I haven't seen many thin striped prints either.