Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mini Skirt Project: Red Maze Fabric

Here is another mini-skirt installment made using Simplicity 7699 from 1968. I know I'm posting these rather quickly, but I made MANY of these skirts, and if I don't speed things up, I'll never catch up. The reason my backlog is so huge is due to the ease of this project. As I wrote before, fast and easy! Okay, bad choice of words.

This mini skirt was made using a vintage polyester that I purchased on eBay. I tried to track down the seller's name, but I couldn't find it. The fabric is polyester, but I question whether the fabric is from the late 50's rather than the 60's. The "red maze" pattern is very mid-century modern and reminds me of something you'd see in a 50's home. I've found that so many upholstery fabrics had great prints that weren't printed on apparel (or if they were, I just haven't been able to track them down yet).

I didn't have a closeup of the print, but if you click on an individual picture, you'll be able to see a high resolution image in which the print is easier to see.

The necklace I'm wearing is one of my favorites. It was made by "Roget" and looks Eastern-influenced. I'm not sure what country or culture it's evoking, though. Whatever the case, it fits the look, since late 60's fashion/culture was Eastern-influenced. The necklace I most often wear is the round silver medallion and that's by Sarah Coventry.

More to come very soon.

Happy Sewing!


  1. The skirt looks great and I really love the top that you are wearing while you sew!

  2. Thanks, Sue! I'm really passionate about the era.

    Katherine-- thanks on both counts!