Sunday, August 15, 2010

My 5th Dress- 60's Boho with Bell Sleeves

I'm almost done with Simplicity 8234 (View 1). I'm using this black and white patterned fabric I got at Joann's (100% cotton). Almost done. So far no major disasters. Just a few minor crises. I bonded with my seam ripper a few times. I think I should name my seam ripper, since I spend so much time with it ; - )

More to come, along with pics, in the next few days. I wanted to finish it tonight, but I've learned that I tend to rush when I work late night and then I pay for it by making a bunch of mistakes.


  1. I still use my seam ripper on every project, and I've been sewing for close to twenty years! :) I still make "stupid" mistakes! I think you are doing so great for someone learning to sew from books! Good grief! Your projects keep looking better and better. Keep it up!

  2. Hi! I'm sure your outfit is going to turn out great! It is super cool!
    PS. I use my seam ripper a lot, too!

  3. I love my seam ripper and I love the idea of naming it!
    Fab Pattern as well, I love the bell sleeves.

  4. @Amy & @Sew Loquacious Angela: It seems we are all "besties" with our seam rippers. Ha ha! Anyway, the dress come out quite as I had hoped, but at least I learned a lot.