Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alteration Project- From Green Monster to Mini Dress

.BEFORE- Feeling like the Jolly Green Giant but less jolly

I found this late 60's (or maybe early 70's) polyester maxi dress at a thrift store for $1.00. Sure it was long (not to mention very, very green), but I saw potential. All it really needed was to be hemmed. Okay, hemmed a lot. And cinched in a tad too. So, I ripped out the stitches with my bestie Mr. Seam Ripper, marked my new seam, and stitched away. Then, I got out my ruler and hacked off about 1/3 of the overall dress. Stitch...stitch...and VOILA!--a mini dress is born.

AFTER- feeling a lot more jolly and a lot less giant

I'm pleased with the results and will happily wear this one come fall. It seems like the long green scarf thingy was supposed to be an ascot that ties on the front of the dress. It really weighed down the dress, though, not to mention strangled me. So, I swept it over my shoulders and think of it as a little cape. I also added a mod-style chain belt that I found at T.J. Maxx the other day. If anyone's interested, they're made by Rampage, and come in several different designs and metals. I like how it completes the look.


  1. Wow! Love it! You have such a good eye. It really looks great on you and the green looks gorgeous with your hair. Monique xx

  2. That is fantastic!! Great job,love the kelly green colour and that you saw the potential!! I've just started "renovating" a 70's frock,I must post before and after pics!
    Great figure,you have,by the by....

  3. Love it!! Makes me want to run out to the thrift store right now!! You mentioned resewing the seams... what exactly did you do to them??

  4. @Original Mischief: Thanks! I was really fond of the color too. I've never owned anything this color but now I'll seek it out.

    @Helga: Thank you for the compliments! It's really fun to take this dowdy old things and make them new again. I'm also happy that if I ever find a vintage piece at a thrift store and it's not my size, I don't have to be bummed out about it.

    @Syrena: Thanks! I actually ripped out the side seams, put it on my dress form, pinned it, and then drew a new seam to tailor the dress (especially at the waist). Then I basted the seams, tried it on for fit, and then sewed the seam with a tighter stitch to finish it off.