Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey, I'm Astrid, and I'm new to sewing. I've created this blog to share my experiences as a new sewer with a passion for vintage sewing patterns.

I've loved vintage clothing for a long time, particularly the 60's mod look, but I've always found finding vintage to be challenging. Sure, you can buy online, but there's always the risk that it won't look right when you finally get to try it on. Even in a big city like Atlanta, vintage clothing stores have hardly any stock and what they do have, often happens to be in the wrong size. So, that's what brought me to sewing from vintage patterns.

I'm learning how to sew strictly from books, which can be a bit frustrating at times, but it's also fun. I had never even touched a sewing machine just one month ago. I'm still not so confident that my items will actually hold together. Is this a common fear for new sewers or should I really be afraid? ; - ) Ha ha.

Within the blog, I plan to showcase the vintage patterns that I sew from, along with my finished creations. I'll also share the struggles that occur along the way. And trust me, there WILL be struggles!


  1. hi! love your blog. just wondering what sewing machine you use. thanks!

  2. More pictures of your feet in nylons.....