Saturday, August 14, 2010

3rd Mod Dress- Simplicity 8088 from 1969

Above is the pattern I used to complete the dress pictured.


My third dress was my biggest disaster (don't worry, it gets better later). I thought the poplin I got at Joann's was a little annoying. It was just wouldn't unwrinkle no matter how much I ironed it. It also bugged me that the poplin looked a little marred when I did my seam ripping (haven't had a project yet that didn't involve seam ripping- just call me Astrid the Ripper). It also seemed like it got marred by my pinning.
Nevertheless, things weren't so bad... Until the big slip. Snip! My scissors, who were innocently attempting to cut a loose string, cut into the collar. Panic ensues. What shall I do?

Well, I was tired. I was coming apart at the seams (ha, ha). So, I decided to fold it over and try to sew it shorter so as to mask the cut. I didn't seem like it'd be enough to sew the cut shut or to use fabric glue. It seemed like it would come loose. Let's just say the collar turned out lumpy and uneven and too short and...okay, I've tortured myself enough.

And then there was the zipper. Invisible zipper? More like sewn on backwards zipper. Yes, I sewed the zipper on backwards. My husband is still giving me shit about it.

This project was one of those disasters that we've all experienced. Something goes wrong. Very wrong. And at that point, you're so pissed off that it happened that you say "fug it!" You say, "I'm going to just finish this blasted thing!" You don't care about the result anymore. You just want the Chinese water torture to be over.

You can't see all the problems in the pictures, due to the clever photography of my husband. I'll have to ask him to take some pictures that are more illustrative of my failings. Then again, it's more fun to fake it!
Oh well, I feel like I did a decent job tailoring it to my body (I use an adjustable dress form for this). So, it wasn't all bad...


  1. Very cool mod dress! Love it!

  2. invisible zips really are a breeze, they are easier than normal zips I think.
    The ones I buy here have insturctions on them that are easy to follow, I will scan some for you as soon as I remember.

    I love all the mod stuff.

  3. @Heather: Thanks for the compliment! It's funny that you should mention the invisible zip. I FINALLY did one tonight and did it right. I guess I should have heeded the instructions when they said not to sew any part of the seam when installing the invisible zip. With the open seam, I was able to figure things out finally.

  4. i've put in dozens of zippers and have to read the instructions every time....i'll catch on sooner or later. anywho, the dress looks adorable on you and i dig the color.

  5. @tammyO: Thanks! I did finally learn how to do the invisible zipper (see latest post about dress 5). It was one little mistake that constantly was preventing my success. Go figure ; - )