Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vintage Clothing Find! Mod applique dress with jacket...

As we hit the summer months, I'm having a more difficult time keeping up with blogging. It's the typical excuses-- good weather, traveling, etc. At the same time, I don't want to leave the blog hanging, because bad habits tend to form. Basically, if I don't make a habit of keeping up on blogging, I get in the habit of not blogging.

So, to avoid getting into a summer slump, I'm going to take a moment to post a quick blog about a vintage clothing find I had recently. In fact, I'm going to share vintage clothing finds now and then just because if you like vintage sewing, you'll probably like seeing vintage clothing finds as well.

So, here is a picture of a dress that I recently found at a store in Atlanta called Junkman's Daughter. The dress has a matching jacket. Love it! I rarely find anything vintage anywhere so it was a treat. I love the graphic detail on the front of the bodice. Would that be considered an applique?

Happy sewing,


  1. This is lovely- and looks in mint condition!The jacket is really cute!!

  2. i've heard about junkman's daughter but i always skip when i go to atlanta and ended up spending the day in ikea (don't hit me! i'm in nashville, we don't have ikea here!! haha!). that is an amazing find, though! and it fits you so perfectly!

  3. @Popbabe7: Thank you : - ) I love the jacket too.

    @lladybird: I can totally empathize with Ikea deprivation. It's a serious illness that I suffered from when I lived in North Dakota. They wouldn't even send me a catalog, because I lived too far away from any stores! : - )