Monday, June 6, 2011

Mod Mini Skirt Project: Blue & Pink Plaid

Skirt projects that I was making in an assembly line fashion

Sorry long time, no post. It's been a busy month, and I just got back from my first ever trip to New Orleans.

I'm pretty low energy at the moment. In fact, after walking around Bourbon Street, my priority one is getting my shoes tested for STDs! Ha ha : - )

Anyway, I did want to do a post, because I don't like to leave things for this long. I have some dress and applique projects that I would like to share, but I want to explain my process thoroughly, and I don't have the energy. So, I'll just stick with a simple skirt project posting.

This skirt was made with a polyester double knit. It's a vintage one that I bought on Etsy several months ago. It's an electric blue and pink plaid. Why did I pick it? I like unexpected pattern and color combos. Sure, I love a classic red plaid too, but I do enjoy the fun result achieved when a pattern is an unexpected color.

Cute green plaid skirt modeled by the beautiful Colleen Corby

So, that's about all for now until I get my energy back.

Happy sewing!


  1. ooohhh! Love this one! The print is fabulous!!

  2. I love the print on the skirt! Super cute!