Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mod Mini Skirt Project: Vertical Zig Zags

Previously, I posted a horizontal zig-zag skirt. Now, I'm ready to present a vertical zig-zag skirt! I purchased this vintage acrylic zig-zag fabric on etsy from "dreamingofsewing." I had never worked with an acrylic material before. I didn't find it to be that difficult. However, because the fabric was a looser weave, I did have this constant fear that I was going to pull the weave out of shape. That didn't end up happening (phew).

What is it about zig-zags that make them so retro? I have a minor obsession with zig-zigs and checkers. They make me happy :- )

What are your minor obsessions design-wise?

Happy sewing!


  1. Astrid, skirts are looking very fab & groovy! Where do I find a copy of that book? Amazon? Sounds interesting!!

  2. Cool skirts! I happened on your blog while "blog-hopping," and I like all the different skirts you have made!

  3. @Monique: The book I was reading about mod fashion was called "Mini Mod Sixties". Amazon no longer has it in stock, but you can buy it on there in the "used" section. Also, you might try for used books. I got mine used on eBay. It's a pretty cool book. Great pictures!

    @Vanessa: Thanks so much! I appreciate the compliment : - )