Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mod Mini Skirt Project: Green & Pink Bubble Skirt

I have no idea what that "shit eating grin" is all about!

I call this vintage polyester skirt, "the green & pink bubble skirt." Creative I's sort of like having a dog and naming her "Dog."

Anyway, I got this pretty vintage polyester from "dreamingofsewing" on Etsy. She has some great vintage fabrics! I hadn't previously done a skirt in this color scheme or print, so I bought it up. You know...I'm finally getting to the point where I actually have to justify that I haven't yet done a skirt in a particular color or print before indulging in the fabric...does that mean my OCD about this project is getting better? Probably not. The minute some seller on eBay lists a bunch of vintage zig zag prints, I'll be up to my nose in it!

The polyester, as usual, was pretty easy to sew. One thing I noticed: this particular polyester was a lot more lightweight than previous ones I've been sewing from the 60's/70's. I wonder if at some point fabrics started getting thinner on average. I ask, because when I go to Joann's I'm not satisfied with the weight of their polyesters. To me, they should be thicker like the classic double knits(or at the very least, offer a thicker option). I know a lot of people think the double knits are too warm. But you know, I get cold easily so I enjoy marinating! Kidding, kidding. I'd rather the sweat be left out, but I do like to be warm : - )

Happy sewing!


  1. you rock it girl, and that grin is all about how you are making the awesomest skirt!

  2. Thanks, Sue! I was having a moment, I guess : - )

  3. Do you use the same pattern for these skirts? Also, are they lined?

  4. Astrid, diamonds?

  5. @dandylion: Yep, I am using the same pattern over and over again. It is Simplicity 7699 from 1968. I don't line anything. I am way too lazy : - )

    @Monique: Got to lay off for now as I'm drowning in fabric but that's a cool one! I like it : - )

  6. God. I bet your feet look amazing in those knee-highs.