Friday, September 24, 2010

1967 pattern- Simplicity 7470- Mod Green & White Tab Dress

I did version 2 but with long sleeves

Notice that my husband gave the pattern cartoon a blond wig to make her look more like me-- don't you love how technology enriches our lives?

That's a Reader's Digest sewing book from the 1970's. I was trying to "perfect" my dart process.

Oh boy, I love to iron...NOT!

I made this green and white mod dress from the 1967 pattern shown- Simplicity 7470. Here's the play-by-play of the making of this dress:

Trying it on over my clothes-- before hemming/side seams

1.) FABRIC: Okay, so I said I'd never use cotton again. I totally lied. The posters who said that not all cottons are the same. They were 100% right. I used a ribbed 95% cotton, 5% spandex blend. It behaved nicely, and the drape was flattering. I'm happy to report that I avoided over-tailoring once again. Trust me, this is an accomplishment.

I'm really OCD about trying on my dresses at various stages.

I don't know why I was so dense about cotton before. I should have realized that not all cottons are the same. My own closet has 100% cotton RTW dresses that have a beautiful softness and drape. One in particular is even body-con despite not having any spandex mixed in. I liked the ribbing on this cotton too-- it gave the final result more texture, which I sorely needed in the gray dress.
I still haven't found my "perfect" fabric though. Are you out there fabric? It's me, Astrid.

WOMAN SEEKING FABRIC: Wanted: the perfect fabric. Must be soft yet firm. Must be thick but not too thick. Must be stretchy but not too flimsy. Must not unravel on me...

2.) COLLAR: Okay, so the collar is kinda high. It actually photographs higher than it looks in real-life. I consider it a "stylistic" choice, rather than a fitting mistake. Even though it's supposed to be a "bias roll", it looks more like a "funnel neck" collar. I suppose I could have sized it down. Maybe size does matter, but what also matters is how lazy I am.

I also learned something new about "bias roll collars" this time around. When I made one before, I was confusing it with the stand-up collars and thought it was crazy high on my neck. Duh, I now realize you have to fold them over. I guess my head/neck size isn't super freakish after all. Just moderately freakish.

3.) DETAIL: After the lack of detail on the gray dress, I decided to add some detail to this one. The contrasting white bias tape on the hem and the sleeves was not on the original pattern. I rather like the result.

4.) MILESTONE: I didn't use Mr. Seam Ripper even once for this dress! He's wondering why I've stopped calling.

Okay, okay, I did have to use him to fix about 2 inches of hem that I messed up on, but it was 2 inches, come on!

This dress was the first-time I've finished a dress in one sitting. Sure, I had to go from noon to 8 pm, but it was worth it. I remember when I first started, I'd start at noon and be trying to finish the zipper at 10 pm.

Happy sewing adventures!


  1. This is my favorite thing that you've made--love the contrast bias tape, and the fit looks amazing!! You're become quite the accomplished seamstress!!

  2. Astrid, this looks great! I understand your struggles with tailoring. I'm still learning not to over do it when I take stuff in. This dress looks absolutely perfect!

  3. It's really adorable, and you got the fit just right! That color green is so great - it's one of my favorites! I have trouble with cotton, too. I'm always afraid it's not going to wash well, so I avoid it... Great job!!!

  4. I think this one is the best one yet!

  5. I think I like this the best so far!It's terrific,and I love how you styled it!Go girl!

  6. Yep, definitely the best one so far - you'll be a pro pretty soon!

  7. I definitely agree that this is your best yet. The tailoring is close to perfect for you, the colour looks great on you, the fabric holds itself well and those white bands are a great finishing touch.

  8. This dress is seriously awesome! Love the color and the contrast binding and the button detail... :)
    Now I want one, too...

  9. Wow, do you ever sleep? Great work, definitely best yet, I agree. Loving the contrast bias tape. What did you end up doing with sizing on this one? Did you use your high bust measurement then do a FBA like some suggested? I'm still trying to figure out what my real 'size' is myself.

  10. @SemiCharmedWife: Thank you so much! I am fond the contrasting bias tape and the fit, too ; - )

    @Kristin: Thank you so much! ; - ) Good luck to you too.

    @Marybeth: Thanks! I love that green too-- such a great color, although I haven't seen it much in RTW fashions.

    @Syrena: Thanks so much!

    @Helga: Thanks so much-- I loved the white boots and the pigtails styling. I sort of modeled the look after some of the pictures in my vintage Simplicity counter catalogs.

    @kathchown: Thanks! My confidence is definitely increasing.

    @Heather: Thanks so much! ; - ) And I appreciate all your tips as well. You've been very helpful.

    @Alessa: Awww...thanks!

    @Jane: I will agree that I've been pretty ambitious. Although, I will also admit to being a lazy sewer! I often take shortcuts and try to avoid doing "extra" steps that I probably shouldn't be leaving out. I didn't sew at all this week, though, so it's back to the grindstone. When it comes to the sizing, I took a very lazy route. I just pinned my side seams, drew a line with chalk, and then basted the seams. I kept on basting them, pulling them out, basting them, pulling them out, until I found the right fit. Then, I used a stronger stitch once I figured out where to sew! I was more careful with my tailoring this time and made sure to leave more flare at the skirt area (I've had a problem with not leaving enough, I think). I also think the fit is better because the cotton/poly that I used was more pliable and easier to work with than the 100% polyester that I used in previous dresses.