Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mod Arrow Dress Project: Simplicity 8682 from 1969- NAVY BLUE

A source of inspiration--I believe this was
made by E.C. Star Clothing

So, after having the various snafus with the green arrow dress, I decided to go forth with a navy blue arrow dress. I had learned some important lessons with the green dress.

This time around, I used a vintage navy blue polyester that had little to no stretch, so I wouldn't have issues with the applique moving around on me. I also went a little simpler, just so I wouldn't rip out my hair coming up with a final design. I put two arrows facing each other, and I wrapped them around the dress so that they meet at each side of the zipper on the back . I positioned them at the drop waist area, as was popular in the mod era. I also used the same pattern as I used for the previous dress (Simplicity 8682 from 1969).

A source of inspiration-- from "thecarnabystreak.co.uk" (great designs on this site!)

I'm very happy with the results. The design is simple but fun, and it definitely pays tribute to the pop art movement. Having learned some valuable lessons, I will be doing another applique in the near future, for sure! Oh and obviously, I made the bottom a little more a-shaped this time for a better proportion.

Another source of inspiration-- saw this one on Etsy

Happy sewing!


  1. I regularly drool over the dresses on carnabystreak.co.uk and managed to get one last year on sale. They are amazingly well tailored and the designs are so great.

  2. @Popbabe7: I agree. So drool-worthy! That site is a constant inspiration to me : - ) That's awesome that you bought from them. Sounds like it was 100% worth it.

    @Laury: Thanks so much!