Tuesday, December 28, 2010

McCall's 2853 from 1971: Long Colorblock Dress

I like Simplicity's instructions better, but maybe I'm just used to them

Looking pissed, I don't remember but I'm sure something shitty had just happened

Before I joined the skirt and bodice

Okay...um...I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but what the hell, I'll never have to face any of you in person so....I have a backlog of six---yes, SIX-- projects that I need to post about. I do have an excuse though...I swear! I swear! I had to work 30 days straight this month, trying to fill orders for our holiday sales. And did I mention that I HATE working. Yes, I absolutely hate it. Even though I get to do it from home, I still want to claw my eyes out. Well, that's another blog.

So, this particular dress that I'm posting about was made in early or mid- November I believe. And I'm happy to say that the results are good. Now, I know this is technically an early 70's pattern, but with the colorblocking on it, I couldn't resist. I tried to make the dress exactly like the pattern envelope picture. Color scheme and all. I think the results are pretty close.

Presenting McCall's 2853 from 1971 (Version A) highlight reel:

1.) FABRIC: Few problems with this cotton/poly blend from Joann's. It could hang a little nicer. Not sure if that's my fault or the fabric. Okay, I'm sure it was mine.

2.) ZIPPERS OR LACK THEREOF: I have been "okay" with zippers ever since I learned how to install invisible ones. Although, I often don't like the way they feel against my body. Not sure how to explain, but they feel a little too stiff. They feel like they don't really "go" with the soft and stretchy cotton/poly blends I've been using. So, this time around, I bought a zipper but ended up not using it. It seemed like it would be okay, since the fabric was so stretchy. Surely I could get it over my puny little Nordic skull (ha!)...or not. I guess sewing in the facing made the neck hole less stretchy. Luckily, I had a small 4 inch (non-invisible) zipper on hand. So, I pulled out some of the back seam and inserted the zipper. Success! My head finds a new home.

So, should I have kept this as a hat? Honest opinions, please.

3.) CONSTRUCTION: This was the first time I put together a dress with a separate skirt and bodice that needed to be sewed together. Not too challenging. Although, I did have to make sure each piece fit separately and then luckily neither one was too big for the other. I really hate it when I'm trying to ease something together and end up with puckers.

Rear View

4.) IRONING: Still hate it.

Before hemming-- photographic evidence of my hatred of ironing

5.) CLUMSY: Only had my iron for a few weeks. Already broke it. I dropped it once. Then my husband dropped it. The plate has a piece missing at the end. That's how we roll.

So, that's about it! And more to come very soon. I hope to post a few times this week, so that I can catch up on the backlog.

Happy sewing!


  1. Love it! Love the unique colour combo, you are lucky to score the same colours as the envelope.
    I have a wobbly ironing board and my iron keeps falling off - it still goes though!

  2. I like this dress and it looks just like the envelope. I'm trying to get back into sewing (my new year's resolution...we'll see how it goes) and I like checking your posts since it inspires me to get back on this. Keep up the good work!

  3. @Sherry: Ha ha, me too! I have a wobbly ironing board and that's the source of all the damage to my iron. Thanks for the compliment : - )

    @marLou: Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad to be inspiring. I've been slacking with posts, so hopefully I'll be able to get back in the swing of things too.

  4. Hello Astrid,
    I just LOVE this dress, I wish I had one just like that! Or had the pattern, at least;-)I love the colour combo, too, it's wonderful. It's a lovely dress, well done!!