Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simplicity 7749 - Mod Dress with Colorblocking & Raglan Sleeves (1968)

Before color band was added

I made Simplicity 7749 (1968)-- view 3. This was the first pattern I have made with raglan sleeves. Another first-- adding a rather large band to the bottom. Here are the highlights:

1.) FABRIC: I used a Ponte Roma polyester. It was the same softer stuff I used on the previous dress, so the drape was better and the fabric didn't chaff my skin. This made me happy. But...[there's always a but, right?] I didn't particularly like the "look" the fabric gave the dress. I have an association with raglan sleeves (especially color blocked raglan) with men's sports uniforms. You know, the "baseball shirt." This made me sad.

Nothing against men's sport uniforms, but view 3 on the pattern envelope has a much more elegant look. Not necessarily evening wear but a more formal day dress.

Fabric choice: you remain my enemy.

2.) SLEEVES: This time around, no problems with the shoulder seams falling off my shoulders. Alas, this was nothing I did, but rather the nature of the raglan sleeve. I did find it rather tricky to sew the raglan sleeve seams and the neighboring side seams. Since the armholes are always falling too low, I do have to bring in the side seams quite a bit, and this was a bit awkward with the raglan sleeves. Nonetheless, I brought those puppies in as good as I could, and I'm fairly pleased with the result. No actual puppies were harmed in the making of this dress. Only imaginary ones. I kid. I would never hurt an imaginary puppy.

3.) FABRIC BAND: I do not like fabric bands. That is all.

Just kidding. Let me explain. I like the way they look, but I find them entirely disagreeable to sew and in need of a good spanking. I couldn't get the dang band to fit quite right after bringing in the side seams. This meant that the circumference of the dress did not match the circumference of the band-- the band had a greater circumference.

Could I have fixed this? Yes.
Did I try? Yes.
Did it work? Kind of.
Could I have tried again. Yes.
Why didn't I? Too lazy.
Why am I still complaining then? Because I can.

4.) FIT: I'm happy to report fitting this one was fairly easy. Tailoring is becoming less trying. Hurray!

Back view & in motion

5.) DETAILS: I added the contrasting cuff detail. I thought it nicely tied things together.

Coming soon... Simplicity 8456.

Happy sewing!


  1. Astrid, I just love the look on your face in pic 1... it speaks daggers. Was it meant to? I love your posts giving insider knowledge on how a pattern goes together. The blue color in this dress looks fab on you! Cheers Monique xx

  2. I don't know if it's a cultural thing (being australian) but I don't see any sport uniform in the outfit at all. I would love to see it with blue stockings to keep the colour blocking going.

    I tend to make my own bands by "drafting" off the sewn dress, I have always had that issue with the band not fitting until I started doing this.

  3. очень даже удачно получилось, и по современному!!поздравляю!

  4. @Monique: It wasn't intentional but I see what you mean. Ha ha. Thanks for the compliment too!

    @Heather: Maybe it's not cultural, but perhaps just "me." That would be awesome. And thanks for the tip!